Wheel Puller - American Flyer Small Gauges for S & H.O.

Wheel Puller - Small Gauge


- Our jaws hook the wheel deeper in so they are pulling on the thicker part of the wheel, this will greatly decrease the chances of breaking old brittle wheels. 

- Top of jaws have an Alignment Groove

- It was design to work on older American Flyer S & H.O. engines wheels but will work on many other  small gauge  engines wheels as well.

- Machined out of solid steel.

- Requires 5/32" & 3/16" hex wrench 

Alignment Groove


Grooves are cut into the tops of all jaws. This groove lets the cross bar slide in it to help keep the jaws parallel. 

Wheel sizes


Small Cross Bar w/ Small Jaws

  • Min Wheel Diameter: 3/4"
  • Max Wheel Diameter: 1-7/16"



Cross Bar -  Aluminum 

Jaws - Steel

Threaded Pin - Steel


Tech Tip 1

 Some time a small punch & hammer to the center axle is require to get the wheel started off & to get the jaw hooks under the wheel fully. 

Tech tip 2

For stubborn wheels, Lightly tap the end of the threaded pin as you tighten it up. Tighten, Tap, Tighten, Tap until wheel is free.

American Flyer Wheel Puller sets and Accessories

American Flyer Wheel Puller w/ Small Gauge Jaws




1 - Replaceable Pin

1 - Crossbar

2 - Small Gauge Jaws

Replacement Small Gauge Jaws



2 - Small Gauge Jaws

2 - Mounting Bolts

Replacement S & H.O. Treaded Pin


1 - Threaded Pin

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