Track Tie Punch


- Relocate Tie when cutting & shortening track.

- Tight loose Track Tie on old track.

- Tap end of punch with a hammer to tighten Ties.

- Can be use to punch flat the screw holes in the ties over tightened.

- Also as a jig to straighten bent ties.

- Available in Standard, O27, O & S Gauges

-   Can be fixed by flipping the track over and tapping the lower block to spread the side of the tie or for flatting the hole after being over tightened. Then use channel locks or a vice to close up the side to the lower block.

Standard Gauge



Lionel Standard-Gauge track

We found at least 2 different size Tie widths, The lower block is 1/2" x 3/4".

It will fit loosely in smaller tie. The rails are the same 

O Gauge



Lionel & K-Line O-Gauge track.

O27 Gauge



Lionel & K-Line O27-Gauge track

S Gauge



American Flyer & K-Line S-Gauge track

Track Pin Crimper

- Crimps track into connector pins with 4 edges parallel to the pin & rails on tubular track. 2 edges on Fast Track

- With how it crimps the track you will not have any bump on the top or sides of the rails

- Tighten loose Track pins for better conductivity but leave then loose enough to be taken apart. 

- We recommend that the pin is in the rails before using this crimper. Without pin in the track you can easy over crimp the rails. 

- Can be use on track that is mounted down on a layout.

- We know their are a few pier version of this tool. But the screw acts like a gear reduction and makes it very easy to put a lot of force on the rails so it bits into the pin.

- This tool in NOT meant to repair the rails by fixing the overall shape back to ordinal.

O Gauge


- Lionel & K-Line Standard, O, & O27 Gauge Tubular track Also Lionel O Fast Track 2 edges only

- You will need to adjust the top set screw for the track types. You want the jaws to remain parallel with each other when crimping.

- requires 1/8" & 5/32" hex wrench

S Gauge


- For both American Flyer & K-Line S Gauge track

- require a 5/32" hex wrench

- Tested and found this crimper will work on Ross & GarGraves O gauge track as well.




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