For Inventors & DIY


CADD Designing & Patent drawings.

Need help with your idea? I can produce working 3D virtual assemblies. By doing this I can virtual make your product & finalize dimensions of the individual components to verify proper interaction. These drawings then can be use for your patent submittals. I am in the process of learning the Patenting system myself  & will glad help were I can. 


In-House Machine shop

We have the ability to product small runs of parts in house. With a Bridgeport, Lathe, Welders & Saws we can make a wide range of parts out of many materials. Materials such as Stainless Steel, Steel, Aluminum, Delran, & other plastics & metals. The shop is continuously growing with new tools so we will be able to provide more for you.


Electronics controls & Wiring

Having a degree in Electrical Engineering also allows me to help your in control wiring & other low voltage systems. Being able to not only read wiring diagrams but also produce them for you. As I read them I will be able wire and test your idea.  I provide these services in the manufacturing of Stepper motor Control , to CNC repair, & also Custom Motorcycles.