For Home Owners

Custom Furniture designs such as this Little roll-around bar.


Looking to have a piece of custom Furniture made. I designed for Hunt Country Furniture for 7 years & design many dream pieces.  I am very knowledgeable in woodworking construction & building techniques. I will be able to work with any good Millshop. 

I work on the outside of the home to.


Want to know what that addition or patio will look like added to your home?  Maybe you want to add a garden. I can show you your vision.

Your Dream Kitchen


I also work with a number of Millshop in the area & would be able to turn my design over to them to build it for you.

Trying to figure what to do with that space?


Not sure how to use your space, lets talk. It could be a Study with built-in bookcase, Man-cave, Bathroom & built-in closets. The possibilities are endless.  

Seeing your dream before its reality.


How about your dream kitchen? It always scary when doing a large project like that. Not knowing exactly what it could look like when done.

The finished results


Compare the Rendering to reality and this is only a part of what I can provide for you.