About PE Design & Manufacturing

Additional Information

PE Design is a small Father & Son shop. My father with over 50 years Machining & Tool Making experience & Me with over 20 years in CADD & Design Engineering. My father has been Designing, Building, & Selling these restoration tools for many years at local Train shows in Tennessee & Georgia areas with many happy customers. Now is selling out of Connecticut. These tool where made because he wanted these tools for restoring & maintaining his collection of mostly Pre & Post war Lionel Trains. Then people at the shows liked our tools and asked for tools they wanted and well look thru the catalog and see what we have come up with so far. 

Paul Evagash Sr. – Started his machining career at Norco, Inc in the sixties. He rose through the jobs there and retired as an A1 Maintenance Machinist & head of the Machine Maintenance. Learning not only how to run the machines, but build tools to do the job & when the machine broke down he could re-build it to. At the same time he was getting his own clientele at smaller shops that need their machine rebuild & he was their for them. After moving down south he went back to work working for another 12 years in a small local shop doing what he loved. At this time he started getting his own equipment & making the Model train tools and here we are now. His new job is teaching me, his skills.

Paul Evagash Jr. - I went to Waterbury State Tech & got my Assoc Degree in Electrical Engineering. While their I got my first job in the Engineering & Design field at Kuegler Assoc. Consulting Engineer. Staying with them for over 6 years. Designing HVAC, Plumbing, Sprinkler & Electrical systems. After leaving we continued to work on many projects together. Next came The Rizzo Companies (Rizzo Electric, Rizzo Corp, & JAR Assoc) in Danbury. Working on many of their projects for over 10 years. Continuing design  HVAC, Plumbing, Sprinkler & Electrical systems, but also Site, Tenant fit out, & a lot of field work. Field work as a designer but also as a project manger. Times got slow & I bounced around a little still doing design work, and picking up CNC programing for a Plasma cuter.  Looking for new opportunities I worked Designing & CNC Programing at Hunt Country Furniture. While with them I was responsible for designing & working with the customers on custom High End Furniture, Kitchens, & other Build-in's.  After approval I would program a Very Large format wood mill, 5' x 10' with up to 24 tools & 12 drills. This would produce the parts so I have a very good understanding of woodwork techniques & machining. 6 years later moving on and now starting this company with my father's help and loving life.

Mission statements – Life is to short to not live your dreams. My father & I were give opportunities & we are taking advantage of all of them with running this business. We want to help others live in their dream, be design or build it.